Recently many potential applicants had opted to apply by themselves directly to the government and came out with varying results. If you are undecided of whether to use our services or apply by yourself, here is some fair information that may help you decide: 


Comparing Direct Application

and Application through Agent




This is the main reason that motivates most applicants towards a do-it-yourself approach, unaware that direct application requires them to pay the Immigration department a Security Bond deposits that range from RM200 to 2,000 per person. For example, a family of four persons from Europe / Middle East / China will have to deposit RM6,000 (RM1,500 per person) with the Immigration department as security bond for as long as they are on MM2H program. COST OF SECURITY BOND 


The same is not required if they use the service of a licensed MM2H company as the company director will sign Personal Bond with the Immigration to guarantee the good conduct of the applicants’ family in Malaysia. Usually, the cost of this risk is already absorbed in the service fee quoted by the MM2H agent (at RM10,000 or less). In the end, the savings you get from applying by yourself may not justify the trouble you put into it.



Application Process


As we are familiar with the policies and procedures of MM2H application, we could help you prepare your documents according to the requirements of the MM2H approval committee and present your application favorably to increase chance of approval. Throughout the process, we shall represent you in communicating with the relevant government agency to iron out any complexities and issues with regards to your application and try our best to ensure that your application gets the nod of approval at first attempt.  



Relocation Services


Your MM2H process does not stop at the first approval. You still have to go through other procedures before having your visa endorsed. Our knowledge of what to do and where to go will greatly save your time and money. We will also advise our customers on other related issues such as home purchase / rental, car tax exemption, bringing in a foreign housekeeper and setting up in Malaysia, lending you a helping hand until you are well-settled here.